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Archery – Mobile Outdoor Education

Recognising the rising fuel costs and the costs of providing teaching relief, we are endeavouring to help schools fit outdoor education into the curriculum. While there are huge benefits with residential camps, and these should not be ignored or discarded, not every school is able to take students out every year. To help in this situation Adventure Plus has a number of mobile activities which we can bring to your site and run to fit in with the school timetable.


The all-inclusive sport — Anyone can do it. Many youngsters have imagined themselves as Robin Hood or Legolas and are keen to have a go.

Most youngsters succeed better than they expect to. Students can see themselves improve and success is a wonderful motivator. Archery builds concentration and ability to focus, and encourages achievement. It Encourages physical fitness and is good for improving stance and body posture. Most of all it is fun to do.

Can be done outside or with a reasonable hall or gym available inside too. We can work in any area with reasonable space. We need a minimum of about 10m by 20m+. A 3m high backstop is provided to stop arrows going beyond target.


Team Building Games

Games encouraging team building, Leadership and personal development add an new facet to learning at school. We can target are games to deal with certain issues or sequence them to generally build relationships and/or leadership. Using many well known and lesser known games we encourage the students to have fun while learning and developing personally and socially.



Believing the great New Zealand outdoors should be available to all young people, we will endeavour to keep our prices affordable.

Archery   $350 per day (roughly $7 per head)

Up to 6 hours instruction (60 to 90 minutes recommended per group)

Group sizes of up to 18 catered for (half class (11 – 15young people) recommended at a time)

Archery + Team building  $700 per day (roughly $14 per head)

Up to 6 hours instruction

Whole classes catered for at a time (½ class on archery while other half on team building games then swap over; recommend 2 to 3 hours per class.) Two classes fitted into a day.

Team building   $350 per day